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A wise choice to keep your carpets clean.

Wise Cleaning Solutions provides professional carpet cleaning services and more for residents in Marion and the surrounding area.

"I can highly recommend Wise Cleaning for both carpet cleaning and window cleaning. I especially like the "green" non toxic cleaning solution used for my carpet. And concerning my windows, they are clear and sparkling, just in time for hosting guests for the holidays...what a relief! It's good knowing of a business that is both trustworthy and competant. Give them a try!"

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Your one-stop Southern Illinois cleaning team for carpet cleaning and more!

Your carpets experience a significant amount of foot traffic, so it is no surprise that they do not look like they did when they were first installed — but it does not have to remain like this.

At Wise Cleaning Solutions, we provide premium, eco-friendly carpet cleaning that restores your carpet while being safe for your whole family. But our cleaning does not stop there. Along with being a professional carpet cleaner, we also provide window cleaning, upholstery cleaning, floor cleaning, and more. We aim to help you feel relaxed and happy in your clean and healthy home!

Why choose us?

Eco-friendly Cleaning Solutions

When cleaning your carpets, we use non-toxic cleaning solutions that are great for your carpets and the environment. Furthermore, they are completely safe for all your family!

100% Money-back Guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with any of our cleaning services, please let us know, and we will return immediately. You do not have to pay if we cannot resolve the issue.

Fully Insured and Certified

You can be confident that you are hiring an insured, certified, and professional carpet cleaning company.

Trusted Cleaning Professionals

At Wise Cleaning Solutions, we are experienced in various methods of carpet cleaning and fabric types, as well as difficult and unusual soiling conditions.

Trained and Experienced

We have been awarded the Von Schrader Professional Cleaners School Certificate of Achievement, completing all phases of cleaning and maintenance. We understand how to best clean your carpets and floor.

State-of-the-art Cleaning Solutions

At Wise Cleaning Solutions, we are committed to first-class customer service. We use high standards of cleaning technology, and we ensure no overwetting your carpet or leaving a sticky residue behind.

Carpet Cleaning

Does your carpet have stains that you have had no luck getting out? Perhaps your dog had an accident, and you have yet to be able to remove the odor fully. Whatever the case, the professional carpet cleaners at Wise Cleaning Solutions can help.

We provide environmentally friendly carpet cleaning that gets within your carpet's fibers to ensure a thorough, deep clean. Our carpet cleaning process will not only loosen dirt and remove stains, but it will also remove bacteria and common household allergens that live within your carpet fibers, making for a healthier home overall. If you are in search of professional carpet cleaning that dries quickly, you can count on Wise Cleaning Solutions.

Beige carpets in a home after carpet cleaning by Wise Cleaning Solutions in Marion
Exterior window cleaning in progress on a home in Southern Illinois

Window Cleaning

Do you see spots and streaks when you look out of your windows? Wise Cleaning Solutions can help.

We provide effective window cleaning services in and around Marion. Our window cleaners utilize the latest technology to ensure a more reliable, sparkling clean. Having a professional clean your windows means less risk because you don't need to get up on any ladders! Let Wise Cleaning Solutions bring you a crystal clear view.

Upholstery Cleaning

Just like your carpets, your furniture is also subject to spills and stains. They may not be as easy to notice and difficult to get out — this is where Wise Cleaning Solutions comes in.

We provide a deep clean for your furniture to remove stains and common allergens that live within the fibers of your upholstery. This will not only ensure effective cleaning but will also leave your furniture smelling fresh. Furthermore, we clean using eco-friendly solutions, which makes it safe for humans and pets to enjoy your furniture! Enjoy your clean, fresh upholstery with our professional cleaning!

A professional cleaning a cushion on a light grey sofa
Tile and grout cleaning with state-of-the-art equipment at a Marion home

Floor Tile Cleaning

Do you find it challenging to clean your floor tiles and remove dirt that has made a home in the grout? As professional carpet cleaners, we are experienced when it comes to cleaning floors — and we understand how difficult it can be to clean tile floors without the necessary equipment and experience.

Our professional cleaners will effectively clean your floor tile and grout using our powerful extraction equipment to loosen dirt and grime from your tiles and grout lines and leave them sparkling. Get time back on your weekend, and let us do the tile cleaning!

Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

Your hard surface floors require care to help maintain their beauty.

At Wise Cleaning Solutions, we provide safe hard surface floor cleaning that will ensure your beautiful floors are restored and maintained to protect your investment. We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions that give a refined finish while remaining safe for your floors and your family. Let us restore your floors to their original beauty!

Hardwood floor cleaning in progress using professional cleaning equipment
Orange autumn leaves clogged inside of a gutter that needs to be cleaned

Gutter Cleaning

Clogs in your gutters can lead to expensive issues for your home if left unchecked. Leaves, sticks, and other debris commonly get stuck in your gutters. As these things continue to build up, they can cause blockages when rainwater comes.

At Wise Cleaning Solutions, we provide safe gutter cleaning that will remove any debris causing clogs in your gutters so the water can flow smoothly down and through the downspouts. Our team is trained and experienced in cleaning your gutters, so there is less risk to you as you will not need to get up on any ladders! Let us ensure your gutters can continue working as they were meant to.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Along with our residential carpet cleaning services, we also provide carpet cleaning and janitorial cleaning for your commercial property in Marion and surrounding areas.

Grey office carpet with an office chair on top

Professional Carpet Cleaning

We will ensure your carpets are cleaned and fresh to give customers the best impression of your property while maintaining a healthy environment. We will work to the schedule that fits your business to ensure minimal disruption.

Two janitorial cleaning professionals cleaning an office desk and desktop screen

Janitorial Cleaning

We provide effective janitorial cleaning for businesses in Southern Illinois, ensuring that your workplace is clean and healthy for employees and customers who enter. We will work with you to set the best schedule so that there will be minimal disruption for everyone in the workplace.

A few of our many super happy clients

"Wise Cleaning Solutions washed all the windows on my house inside and out. He was efficient, professional, pleasant and made all the windows sparkling clean. I also had one carpeted room with pet odors which were totally removed. I definitely recommend Wise Cleaning Solutions for quality work at a reasonable price. "

     Sylvia D. via Google
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